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August 20 2017

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August 19 2017

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Stellarscapes by Oriol Angrill Jordà, Motion Graphic Effects by George RedHawk

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broken, but covered in jewels. 

new limited edition coming soon. 

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Animations from the music video of Night Stroll by Tao Tajima

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Happy Monday! Make some art! Make some messes!
Photo by the amazing @iaokiphoto.

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One thousand and one nights ~ San Marino - Guaita fortress ~ İlhan Eroglu

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Spiral (30 x 30cm, Oil on Canvas) by Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado | Motion Effects by rexisky

Some people asked me to make a version with inverted motion flow and here ya go! (Original Version)

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Nolaki aka Nick Swann (Australian, Sydney, Australia) - 1: And So It Brumes, 2010  2: At The Waning Of The Light, 2011 3: Do We Know Nothing?, 2008  4: Cheiftain, 2012  5: And the Sunset says: Nevermind, 2009  6: Steward, 2010  Paintings: Oil, Acrylics on Canvas

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I started painting on my arm ^_^

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The Grand One (by Bryan Swan)

August 18 2017

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Hand studies 🍎 

one of the most intricate and beautiful things to paint…

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Star-crossed AF, 2016

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‘Lunar Pollen’

Surrounded by spirits of transformation carrying lunar signs on their wings. Colored pencils on paper. Prints available here. Original is sent as monthly illustration to my patron.

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Another collection of collaborations with Marco Nabi

Art by Marco Nabi | Motion Effect by rexisky

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Wander (30 x 40", acrylic on canvas) by Kathryn Beals

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